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Most organizations have no protocol for dealing with a decentralized entity.

As a decentralized project, Bitcoin Cash has no singular voice or point of contact nor will it ever. Every individual is welcome to act in their own way to push BCH forward. It is however sometimes useful to have a united voice to increase amplification. Similar to the CHIP process, individuals and organizations that feel the BCHF is doing a good job promoting Bitcoin Cash and providing accurate information can add their own weight behind the BCHF by publicly showing support.

This is a voluntary and opt in action. No financial support is required.

Those that endorse the BCHF are also able to “voice and exit” at any time for any reason by simply asking to be removed from the list.

For better or worse BCH will have some form of spokesperson or people doing outreach. In a vacuum someone will take on that role. There is also no reason why you HAVE to choose the BCHF. If you believe that there is a better alternative we fully recommend you endorse and support them instead.

The following organizations/individuals have publicly supported the efforts of the BCHF to act on their behalf for the purposes of Bitcoin Cash adoption (links are public announcements):


If you would like to show your support for the efforts of the BCHF please make a public post on your social media or website and let us know by tagging or emailing us and we will add you to the list.

Feel free to use the following template or create your own:

“We support the Bitcoin Cash Foundation in communication efforts related to BCH ecosystem news and basic outreach. Further, we support the Bitcoin Cash Foundation’s efforts to ensure Bitcoin Cash is represented in a manner consistent with ecosystem standards.”

If in the future the scope of the BCHF activities expands we will contact every endorsing member and ask if they still want to be included in the list of supporters.

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